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Storage Service

Everything you need to know for moving your home.

At North Pacific Van Lines, we're offering a comprehensive storage service to meet your needs during the moving process. Our secure and reliable storage facilities are designed to keep your belongings safe and protected. Whether you require short-term or long-term storage, we have flexible options to accommodate your requirements.
When you're ready to retrieve your stored items, our efficient retrieval process ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience. Our team will assist you in scheduling the delivery of your belongings to your desired location, ensuring they arrive in the same condition as when they were stored.
Individually crated and stored

Our moving company offers individually crated and stored solutions, ensuring the utmost protection and security for your belongings during the moving process.

Packing Services

We're provides professional packing services to ensure your belongings are carefully and efficiently packed for a smooth and stress-free move.

Crates remain sealed until delivery is confirmed and arranged.

At our moving company, the crates used to store your belongings remain securely sealed until delivery is confirmed and arranged, guaranteeing the integrity and safety of your items throughout the entire moving process.

Crates are cleaned to prepare for a new load

To maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards, our moving company ensures that all crates are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for a new load, providing a fresh and sanitized storage solution for your belongings.

Secured warehouse facilities

Our moving company offers secured warehouse facilities, equipped with advanced security measures, to provide a safe and protected environment for storing your belongings during the moving process.

24/7 Monitoring

Our moving company offers 24/7 monitoring of our storage facilities, providing constant surveillance and ensuring the highest level of security for your stored belongings.

Security measures on site for each warehouse location

Our moving company implements robust security measures at each warehouse location, including surveillance systems, access control, and trained personnel, to ensure the highest level of protection for your stored belongings.

Climate controlled facilities

Our moving company offers climate-controlled facilities to safeguard your belongings from temperature and humidity fluctuations, ensuring their optimal condition during storage.

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As North Pacific Van Lines, we have the necessary expertise and experience in handling all aspects of the moving process. We are well-versed in packing fragile items, navigating logistics, and ensuring the safe transportation of belongings.
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